Feature: Podcasts I’ve Been Loving #1

While I’ve been a fan of audiobooks for a few years now, I have to admit my podcast game was weak. So weak, it was nonexistent. The ones I’m sharing today have nothing to do with books or reading….lies, sometimes they do. After dabbling in on a few recommendations by friends, the following are the ones I’ve been loving recently:

fatmascarapodcast   coffeewithchrachelpodcast   guyswefuckedpodcast

  1. Fat Mascara: All things beauty and makeup related. I would love to say someone specifically recommended this podcast to me but in reality I saw it on a friend’s Facebook status after they asked for recommendations. I’m just munching on someone else’s tip here. Jessica Matlin and Jennifer Goldstein are beauty editors and as such get first access to a ton of beauty related news, scoops and interviews. It’s a refreshing and intelligent take on the topic of beauty which tends to be looked down upon as an industry. Highlight episodes that I absolutely loved included interviews with Kat Von D, Bobbi Brown, Madeline Poole and Wende Zomnir.
  2. Coffee With Chrachel: I’ve been following this duo for years, since their witty and sassy tumblr days (icallitambrosia anyone?) and beautifully considered youtube days (If you got that silly sentence, high five). Rachel Whitehurst and Chris Hubbard talk about all things pop/nerd/interwebz/coffee culture. Out of all the podcasts I’ve listened to so far, this one takes the cake for legitimately making me feel as though I’m sharing a cup of coffee with friends while laughing our asses off. My favourite episode is still #128, where all the shade over the new Netflix Gilmore Girls series is let loose.
  3. Guys We F#@$!D: “The Anti Slut-Shaming” podcast by Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson digs deep into all things sex and keeps it real. They are non-apologetic and openly discuss every minor detail you think would be TMI. Spoilers, nothing is TMI here. If you don’t feel comfortable talking about sex with anyone in person, this might cure that itch. The amount of times I’ve thought “oh, it’s not just me” while listening to them has become overwhelming; in a good way.

I’ll come back to report on some other podcasts when I build up my repertoire a bit more. Too-da-loo!


Author: Marina

Books and comics enthusiast.

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