Book Review: Bloom by Estée Lalonde


Goodreads: 4/5

Synopsis: “In Bloom, Estée shares the moments, people, things and life lessons that have made her who she is today and offers her tips for surviving life. Celebrate your bloom story and what makes you unique.”

I’ve been watching Estée’s videos since she had just started out on Youtube, at probably no more than 5k subscribers. Back then, essiebutton was just another gal like me, trying to find her place in the world. I remember the dodgy lighting, the bright blonde hair, the bold lipstick…and yet the essence and charisma have remained the same.

Estée stands out from the crowd because her content is so genuine. Which is even more apparent on her newly released book Bloom – Navigating Life and Style, published by Ebury Press/Random House (Oct 2016, 256 pgs.). The memoir is split into a variety of sections covering her life, work, beauty, fashion, travel, and food.

The most touching and remarkable parts of the book to me were about the important people in Estée’s life and the idea of home. Having lived in the UK for nearly a decade after an entire life in Canada, Estée struggled to understand and truly define where home was. This struck a cord with me because her experiences as an ex-pat are so similar to the ones of so many women exploring the globe. I experienced this myself when moving to Canada from South America and yet the feeling of longing and “homelessness” remained the same between Estée and I. It was eye-opening to see how similar experiences can be heightened by mental illness through her story; I had never stopped to wonder whether the anxiety and depression I have experienced myself were a result of this diaspora and adjustment process. Like Estée, today my “new home” feels more like home than ever before; the journey, however, was not the easiest.

Compared to many “Youtuber” books recently released, Bloom definitely dug deeper into important topics such as family presence, mental health, bullying, long distance relationships, personal growth and confidence. The writing style is easy to read and sounds like the author is having a conversation with the reader over a “cuppa tea.”

I absolutely adored the photography in Bloom, it captures the charm and hard work Estée and her partner Aslan put into her channel and online presence. Estée’s friend George Muncey’s work is also highlighted on Bloom’s cover photo and a few other photographs throughout the book; you can check out his work here.

Overall, this memoir was an absolute pleasure to read. I recommend it for anyone who is a fan of Estée’s work but also for young women hoping to understand what growing up abroad and away from “home” can be like.

Author: Marina

Books and comics enthusiast.

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