For the Love of Paperbacks

I can’t be the only one who suffers from this. I wouldn’t call it suffering to begin with but since there are some negative repercussions associated with this love, I will keep it as is.

Some of my recent paperback purchases.


I love paperbacks. I don’t care for hardcovers. A hardcover book has to be jaw-dropping, Cinderella-walking-down-the-stairs-into-the-ballroom beautiful for me to reach for it over a paperback copy (Hint: I’m a sucker for coloured edges).

But the paperbacks. Ahhhh where to begin?

Forever in love with my little Agatha Christie vintage paperbacks.


I can fit so many more on my bookshelves.

I can fit it into more of my purses when I’m out and about.

They weight less thus I can either save myself the pain or just fit an extra book in the bag and make things even.

They’re floppy and fun to read.

They hurt less when I drop them on my face while reading in bed.

My bank account is a fan.

Moving will always be easier.

This love doesn’t come without its hardships. I usually have to wait a long time to pick up copies of books because they tend to first be released in a hardcover version. The waiting is by far the worst part of it all.

Do you have any preferences? Let’s talk about it!

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Author: Marina

Books and comics enthusiast.

2 thoughts

  1. I love hardbacks for instagram and aesthetic purposes but they destroy my wrists! Especially when they’re fantasy books (which they usually are with me) and they’re sooo heavy. I have been known to own multiple copies of certain books – one paper to re-read and one hardcover to show off. This was easier to do when I worked at Indigo, but alas I now have to pay full price like the rest of the world. I see more paperbacks in my future.


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