Hello, fellow book enthusiasts!

My name is Marina and I run this little corner of the internet where I have conveniently placed A Makeshift Library. I share with you a variety of content that is not only book related, but anything that strikes my fancy. The majority of my content is either on this blog or on my channel, which you should absolutely check out!

Ryerson Journalism + Sheridan BBA Global Business Management grad from the outskirts of Toronto in Canada.

I also moderate and contribute to FY Toronto (all things about and related to Toronto).

If you are a fellow Canadian book blogger or booktuber, join our Facebook networking group called Book Influencers Canada (authors and publishers not allowed).

Beyond reading, I enjoy romantic walks to the bookstore. Indie music, cats, calamari and mozzarella sticks. I’m a latinx intersectional feminist. ISFP aka a total adventurer. I enjoy playing Legend of Zelda games and sometimes D&D.

Check out my review policy for more information on how I handle book reviews and what type of content I am open to reviewing. For further inquiries, my contact page is right here.

Find me all over the webz on the social links on the sidebar.

Happy reading and book hoarding! Check your tea, don’t let it get cold!

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