Review Policy


So you want to hear what I have to say about your book?

I can do that! But will I?

Before we exchange love letters, check out my review policy below:

The most important thing you must understand before submitting anything for review: I give my readers and followers, both on this blog and on my Youtube channel, an honest opinion that is a reflection of my own thoughts on the content being reviewed.

I am accepting the following products, themes and genres:

  • Fiction: Sci-fi, fantasy, romance, young adult, mystery, adult/contemporary, new adult, historical, post-apocalyptic, retellings, magical realism, graphic novels, comics, poetry, chick lit, memoirs, autobiographies.
  • Non-fiction: Empowerment, feminism, travel, beauty, DIY, social media, marketing, digital media, content creation, cookbooks (paleo, ketogenic), lifestyle, fashion, writing.
  • Subscription Boxes: Subject to individual evaluation. Get in touch!
  • Products other than books/audiobooks are subject to individual evaluation. Get in touch!

The above mentioned are merely a guideline and books will be individually assessed before a formal review is planned between myself and the author/publisher.

  • At this time I am not accepting: horror, gore, colouring books, middle grade, kids.
  • I accept print finished copies and ARCs. E-books and audiobooks are also accepted as long as your file is compatible to my device.
  • If/when any content is paid/sponsored, I will disclaim this information in a clear manner to my readers/viewers; no exceptions.
  • If/when any affiliate links are used in relation to any reviews, I will disclaim this information in a clear manner to my readers/viewers; no exceptions.
  • Sending me any product or content for review does not guarantee a featured blog post or video.

My reviews may include: a book synopsis, links for purchase (they may be my own affiliate links), author, number of pages and format, a publishing date if the book has not been released yet, my rating (out of 5), my personal thoughts (what I liked and what I did not like about the book). Reviews may sometimes lead to a longer blog/video discussion on the book, subject to my discretion.

Affiliate links may include but are not limited to the following: Amazon/Goodreads, Chapters/Indigo/Kobo, Book Depository, Book Outlet.

Are you a-okay with the above? Understand what you’re getting yourself into?

Okay, let’s exchange love letters then: amakeshiftlibrary at gmail dot com

I don’t bite, I promise.